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Terms & Conditions

Much thanks to you for picking our travel packages. By booking through our site, you agree to its terms and conditions. It would be ideal if you perused the terms and conditions so as to ensure that you have obviously comprehended the states of your favored trip. All of the terms and conditions are applicable for bookings made through our site.

Website Usage Limitations

All substance in this site, including logo, pictures, data, and other important details are restrictive to Yathir. As needs are, as a state of this current site's utilization, you concur not to misuse this site or its substance for any non-individual, business, or ill-conceived purposes.


Our policy assures you for better pricing, alongside the comfort of reserving online.  Except if generally referenced, costs cited on our site are charged on per individual premise and do exclude tips given to visiting guides or drivers, visa expense, travel protection, beverages or nourishment, and accommodation. The distributed rates may change without earlier notice, especially in case of any unforeseen circumstances, for example, the increment in carrier tickets, hotel price, or transport costs.

Modes of payment

We accept all major credit cards, Debit Cards, Mobile wallet, Apple pay

Confirmation Of Payment

Once the payment is successful, our travel agent will send you a confirmation through the mail. It can be produced as evidence of payment.

Cancellation Policy

We recommend you to read all the terms and conditions related to the cancellation policy before you make a cancellation move. For cancellation of your reservation, make sure that you notify the cancellation to Yathir through the mail. Upon receiving the cancellation request, we will let you know through mail or telephone regarding your confirmation on the cancellation request you have made and the fee that should be paid. Yathir will not hold any responsibility for any cancellation that has not been received or not confirmed by us.

Visa fees are not refundable once the payment is made

No Show

If you couldn’t make up for the tour, no refunds will be initiated. The same policy will be applied in case of unused tickets, sightseeing. Rescheduling cannot be allowed for confirmed tours.

Itinerary Changes

The itinerary is subject to change based on weather and Local conditions, Airways schedules and Natural Calamities. We will provide you with suitable options of similar value, depending on the availability. If there are any changes in the itinerary, we will inform you at the earliest. Yathir holds the complete right to change an itinerary at any time without reimbursement. No reimbursement can be done at the time of major conditions like Flood, Earthquake, or any other Natural calamity.

Hotel Accommodation Policy

If we are not able to provide accommodation in your listed hotel, Yathir will take all the efforts to provide you with an alternative with a similar standard. Check-In and Check-Out policy depend on the hotel that you have chosen. Yathir cannot be held responsible for any early or late check-in and check-out.

Airlines Policy

Yathir is not responsible for any delay or any cancelation of flight.

Holiday Package Policy

Yathir will find out the reasonable substitution or refund for any changes in holidays due to the act of government, Disaster, war or due to any natural calamities.

Travel Insurance

Yathir will not be held responsible for any kind of damages, injury, loss, accidents or loss of personal belongings. It is advised that the traveler should avail of a travel insurance

Travel Documents

It is the responsibility of every guest to ensure that he/she carries all the relevant documents for a tour, Like Passport, ID card, Visa, Airline Ticket. This is especially important for the guest who is coming from abroad.


Yathir International LLC is not liable or responsible for any damages or accidents

• Any damages or virus attack to your system or software

• Any natural calamities

• Any fire or theft

• Any Injury, Death, Loss

• Any loss of personal belongings

• Any damages to your assets

• Any delay or cancelation of Airways

• Any cancelation of tours due to bad weather or by the change in rules of government or due to any natural calamities