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The Yathir Team has multi-lingual professional staff located at their offices in UAE, KSA (Corporate Headquarters), and India. Amongst the Team members there are many who speak English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil languages. What makes the Team so special .  is their years of experience and dedication to making each trip a special one. Many in the Team has travelled the world and learned to understand the different cultures of people with whom they interacted. Moreover, they spend an infinite amount of time trying to comprehend the travellers' needs so that they can program  trips that will be exciting and memorable. It takes years of experience to program special moments and the team knows exactly how to do it the right way.
In the Yathir Travel Team, all are travellers at heart. They are not only travel-experts, but also travellers with passion. For over 5 years, their experience, discipline and sincere commitments have helped them to create countless unforgettable memories for their customers.
We, the Yathir Team, is proud to say that  we are not just a travel company, but also a travel community. Our huge team of diverse skills staff  are there to assist the ever-avid travellers and the new ones looking for excitement, adventure and leisure.