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Yathir Travel has professional, multi-lingual staff located in offices in UAE, KSA (Corporate Headquarters), and India. Among our staff we have employees who speak English , Arabic, Urdhu ,hindi and Malayalam What makes our team special are their years of experience and dedication to making each trip special. Our staff have traveled the world and learned to understand the different cultures with whom they interact. Moreover, they spend an infinite amount of time learning to understand your needs so that they can program a trip that will be unforgettable. It takes years of experience to program special moments & our team knows just how to do it right. In Yathir Travel team, we are all travelers at heart. We are not only experts, but travelers with a passion for adventure. For over 5 years, our friendliness and experience helped us to create countless unforgettable memories for friends, families and individuals. We’re proud to say that we are not just a travel company, but also a community. Our diverse team of 100+ staff members through out our offices are here to assist both new and avid travelers create unforgettable experiences.